We specialise in making gardens secure, so cats can safely enjoy the freedom of the outdoors

Katzecure keeps your cat in and intruders out

Cats love to roam but the outside world is fraught with dangers, including busy roads, wild woodlands, theft and neighbourhood bullies (both animal and human). There’s also the worry of them straying too far, getting trapped or contracting diseases. We enhance the lives of cats and their owners by creating secure garden environments to allow cats to safely enjoy their freedom. 

The Benefits

Humane: no sharp metal products, netting or electric collar

Attractive: designed to blend in with your garden

Flexible: adapts to any garden configuration (can be dismantled and reinstalled)

We Offer

Professional installation and DIY options (with support if needed)

Excellent customer service from an experienced team

18-month installation guarantee (plus an optional maintenance programme)

How it works

We position two 3-inch internally mounted wooden or aluminium poles onto a garden fence or wall. When a cat runs up to try and get a ‘pawhold’ grip on the top, the pole will first rock in its cradle and then spin, which means the cat can’t climb and jump over.

The system is attached to gravel board which is fixed to the fence. This is important to isolate the system from the inevitable unevenness of the fence structure as it runs down the garden. Katzecure is suitable for walls and most types of fencing (including chain-link and twin mesh). It can be attached to concrete/wooden posts, and can also be fitted in front of free-standing posts. We can secure the whole garden including roofs, gates, trees and window ledges if required. And you can take the system with you if you decide to move.

Katzecure use quality materials

Quality materials

Katzecure manufactures all the components required to fix wooden poles onto new or existing fencing. Both concrete and wooden posts are suitable.

Our new aluminium poles – in shiny silver or powder-coated green, black or brown – are very popular and durable in extreme weather conditions. They are particularly beneficial for those agile cats who can exploit the slightest warp or twist in a wooden pole. They are initially more expensive but less ongoing maintenance is required. This is our recommended pole type for DIY customers.

Aluminium kits are available through the shop. Please use the enquiry form if you would like a timber pole system.

There are two ways to Katzecure your garden

DIY installation

Katzecure components can be fitted with ease to fence posts. Use our Quote Calculator to find out what you need.

DIY Installation

Professional installation

We can visit your garden to take photos and measurements, or you can email those details and we can usually provide an accurate quote.

Professional Installation